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Open call for artists
We regularly run open calls for artists in our community and announce them on our Instagram page. Keep an eye out on our feed and stories for information and instructions for opportunties to be featured.

We also run continuous open calls and are currently looking for participants for the following features:

Take Yew! Over
We have featured a lot o the community on our Instagram page, the sheer quality has blown us away. We’ve seen your amazing talent, now we want to get to know you. Take over our Instagram page for a day and show us who’s behind the art. Register your interest by emailing us at

Yew! Mail
We love the idea of two artists in conversation with one another, the coronavirus pandemic has limited that, so we’ve fashioned the idea of a meandering email exchange between two auspicious artists. Modern pen pals. Lettng artists interview each other uncovers a new level of understanding that perhaps a journalist couldn’t unlock. With minimal guidance and not much form, we’er curious to see where these email exchanges will take us and the reader. Register your interest by emailing us at

General submissions
If you have a story, somehting you want to showcase or an idea for a six-part `Danish crime thriller, then please get in touch. Please note that, although we concentrate on Cornish art and culture, we’re not intensely strict about this prerequisite. Try and mention a Cornish angle when you pitch, but it’s not essential to be based in or from Cornwall, you can be somebody making in, dreaming about, or spinning tales of Cornwall. 

We are currently an extremely small team and can’t guarantee that we will get back to every email we recieve, but rest assured that we will try.

Fly an email over to

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