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Ones to watch

Jessica Slater
Full of movement and beautiful mark making, Jessica Slater’s paintings employ a combination of painting and collage to create large, puzzle-like compositions. Earth tones ground her work, while rapid, wing-like strokes suggest flight and movement, offering the viewer witness to a brilliant dance between earth and sky, stillness and motion. 

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Alasdair Lindsay
Alasdair Lindsay’s sun-drenched palette and geometric, aerial compositions smack closely to Richard Diebenkorn’s Californian landscapes, but his unique method of paint application and Cornish focus mark them boldly as his own. Alasdair’s surfaces are hyper-smooth, with brushstrokes only visible when he uses  fast, thin, accurate strokes to capture the fluffy grass of Cornish moors. Clear, gem coloured seas and desolate, unpeopled stretches of beach make one want to dive into Alasdair’s paintings and stay for the summer.

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Kerry Harding
Filled with magically subtle tonal changes and infinitely inventive ways of paint application, Kerry Harding’s small landscapes enter the realm of the alchemical, leaving the viewer at a total loss of how they are made. Her paintings pit incredibly rendered  areas of sea and sky against large swaths of land made of simple washes of colour, in a balancing act that touches upon the sublime.

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Fergus Polglase
Fergus Polgase’s wildly laboured-over and built up surfaces tell a tale before one even clocks what lay upon them.  From bottom to top, Fergus’s painted and multimedia works are bold storytellers- shouting by acrid colour, punctuated by deep pools of black, and mystifying with piskie-like figures and invented creatures strolling about.

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