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Exploring Art and Ideas with Hugo Winder-Lind: A Journey through "The Telepathic Field" and Beyond

Hugo Winder-Lind is a contemporary artist who effortlessly weaves profound concepts into his art.  His most recent endeavor, a book titled "The Telepathic Field," offers readers an intimate glimpse into the multifaceted artistic ideas that have been brewing within his creative mind. This travel journal-cum-artistic manifesto takes us on a journey through animism, telepathy, time travel, identity, youth, and aging, all encapsulated within the vibrant tapestry of his artistic expressions.
"The Telepathic Field" isn't merely a book but a portal into Hugo's world. As the name suggests, it's a journalistic exploration of the ideas that underpin his recent work. This exploration extends beyond the written word, incorporating drawings, photographs, and writings, all of which were carefully crafted to accompany his recent exhibition of the same name. Through these visual and textual elements, Hugo's artistic odyssey comes to life. His dueling figures, engaged in activities ranging from fighting to dancing to floating, convey a dynamic interplay between conflict and harmony, resonating with the complexities of the human experience.

The book is also a canvas for his self-portraits, which capture not only his physical form but also the inner struggles of identity and conflict. The juxtaposition of self-portraits against a backdrop of landscapes – be it through sketches or photographs – serves as a testament to Hugo's ability to weave personal narratives into the broader fabric of nature.

In a recent residency at Troze Gallery, Hugo found himself immersed in the inspiring landscapes of Cornwall – a stark contrast to the urban vibrancy of Brighton. The juxtaposition of the rugged beauty of Penwith against the chalky surroundings of Brighton played a pivotal role in shaping his creative process. Cornwall, with its gritty terrain and coastal allure, provided the perfect backdrop for Hugo's artistic introspection.

To mark the culmination of his residency, Hugo presents his End of Residency Exhibition. The collection of 21 paintings showcases his journey through Cornwall's terrain, on display until September 2nd. The private viewing on August 25th provides an opportunity to connect with Hugo and gain insights into his artistic process.

Hugo's journey resonates with Troze Gallery's ethos of combining established and rising talent, fostering an environment where art thrives. Their collaboration has enriched both sides, enhancing the gallery's offerings while connecting Hugo to the Penzance infrastructure.

Looking forward, Troze Gallery aims to continue collaborating with artists whose work aligns with the local landscape, community, and ethos. Their commitment to art as a unifying force speaks volumes about their dedication.

Hugo Winder-Lind's artistic expedition, from "The Telepathic Field" to his Troze Gallery residency, intertwines art, introspection, and shared human experiences. Through every brushstroke and word, Hugo beckons us to explore consciousness, nature, and the shared human journey.

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