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Explore the mythology and eroticism of Cornwall with a new point-and-click adventure game, Lyonesse

Lyonesse is a point-and-click adventure game made unique through its intricate hand-painted art style and exploration of mythology and eroticism. The game is brought to life with its labyrinthine storyline and charming artwork. The result is a curious, unique and voluptuous adventure.
Lyonesse is a mythical land off the coast of Cornwall. The Edenic isle was buried under the sea because the gods were envious of the inhabitants’ lives of absolute hedonism. On stormy days, fishermen still claim to catch nefarious relics from the city in their nets.

In Lyonesse the player takes on the role of an explorer who has navigated the perilous journey to the island after hearing the stories of its wondrous beauty. Alone, you row to shore and discover its secrets.

The game’s story is organised into four seasons of festivities. Each season, the voyeur is visited by a band of nymphs. Between each act, the player sleeps under a great orange tree. On your journey, you are accompanied by two kittens named Crucible and Caliban. As the seasons proceed, the orange trees slowly flourish and begin to bear fruit.
The player experiences the mythical land by navigating through hundreds of hand-painted watercolour panels. Every visual element of Lyonesse has been intricately crafted by a single artist. Each individual artwork was painted on high-quality gouache paper and digitised to create the game's unique aesthetic. The creators describe how they envisioned playing Lyonesse to feel like living inside an illuminated manuscript. Every panel of Lyonesse has been carefully considered and stands as an artwork in its own right.

The island can be explored in an entirely modest manner. The depth of sexual exploits pursued is up to the player. There is no goal to Lyonesse; the game is a labyrinth of curiosities.

"Lyonesse is very different to the erotic games players can currently find on the steam store," say the team of two behind Lyonesse. The artist and developer describe how they "wanted to make a game that went beyond pornography; a voyage into strange and fantastic impossibilities akin to Japanese Shunga."

The studio behind the game is Rabbit Hole Games. Lyonesse is their first title and is expected to launch on Steam on October 19th. Rabbit Hole Games is a UK indie game developer. The studio was founded in 2021 and is focused on creating surreal and unique gaming experiences. 

Lyonesse is expected to launch for PC on October 19th for £6.00 UK / $8.00 USD / €6.50 EUR on the steam store. The developers intend to release the game on Mac systems in 2022. The game is available to wishlist and purchase here.

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