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A warm welcome to the first ever issue of Yew! Magazine. We were born out of a community of artists, photographers, designers, laborours, fishermen, pharmacists, teachers, cooks, miners, barmen... The Cornish. We endeavour to serve that same community by celebrating Cornish art and culture by creating a platform for up-and-coming talent as well as established names.

We begin our journey by going Beyond the Ring and Thimble. In this issue we aim to consider the relationship between the flâneur and the fisherman, the theatre and the mundane, the ring and the thimble.

The Ring and Thimble is an inconspicuous but endearing stone monument found near Chywoon Grove, between Newlyn and Paul in West Penwith. It marks the end of town and the beginning of the wild, deep and mysterious Penwith. We aspire to journey beyond the Ring and Thimble, into the unknown - to the place where real life becomes a vessel for daydream and fantasy. Where myth and folklore rise to the surface and shimmer on ordinary waters. Where stones whisper, dance and tease secrets from a forgotten life.

Go Beyond the Ring and Thimble by embarking on a charming chat with the talented Dan Hollings about how he uncovers the magic in the mundane, taking everyday scenes and injecting into them a dose of peculiarity. After, Charlotte Foreman takes us on a marvellous journey through the ‘The Big Empty’ in Texas. Expect to move towards oblivion and understand the Southern Plains Bison as well as the irreversible decline of the Wild West. From the Wild West of Texas to the Wild West of Penwith, meander through the magnificent minds of Ben Reader and Emma Rose Kennedy as we listen in on one of their scintillating conversations. Enjoy a reflective moment as you uncover the exciting and vendearing poetry of Jack Watson. And finally, take a trip into the past as Michael Eddy and Rory Blair wonderfully curate archival material about the extraordinary lives of Margo and Willy Maeckelberghe. Trundle down back to reality as we offer some insights into up-and-coming artists with profiles as well as show reviews and previews.

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